by Blake Sandness

Equipment makes all the difference. Whether it’s for grain mill brewing, distillation, or any other product or service, the difference is evident. We all know it. The quality of the product you buy makes all the difference. It’s true of anything, right? You get what you pay for. Buyers know what to expect when they get the cheapest, most out of date product on the market. We know it when we grab the cheapest air fryer on Amazon, or the cheapest steak on the menu. The air fryer will likely break down within a few weeks, or just after Amazon’s return policy expires. The steak will likely be tough and chewy. And you won’t be happy with what you bought. The crazy thing is, you probably would have only been out of pocket another few bucks to get the better air fryer or the higher quality steak. You don’t have to splurge on the most expensive product to get the most value. In fact, you usually should be looking for the sweet spot in the middle. That sweet spot is precisely where RMS Brewing and Distilling equipment lands. And it’s nowhere more true than here, especially in our grain mill brewing, that the equipment makes all the difference. 

No one actually enjoys cheap beer, cheap cider, or cheap any liquor for that matter. Anyone buying the cheap stuff is either too young and/or inexperienced to know better. But at RMS we know better. We’ve been in the equipment engineering business for decades, and we’ve seen firsthand the quality that comes off a well built, specially designed piece of machinery. When we entered the industry of brewing, grain mill brewing, and that of distilling, we paid particular attention to the processes involved, and we listened intently to our customers in the field. How you malt and mash your grist, how you steep your starch, what water you use, when to add the hops, and for how long the fermentation lasts, all hold immeasurable weight when it comes to brewing. To double distill or triple distill your whiskey? To continuous still, or not? These questions are fundamental to the process of distillation. We have had the long discussions with our clients, and we continue to ask, so that we may provide the best equipment on the market, taking out much of the guesswork in what has come to be an American artform. Brewing and distilling. 

From start to finish, RMS has the equipment you need to work your craft. Specialty hoppers and augers, bag racks and grist cases, grist mills, grain mills, and more, have got you covered as you make your mark in the industry with a brew, cider, or liquor that your clients will not only love but come to crave. 

Our equipment is designed and constructed by engineers in the top of their field, with an eye and a taste for quality beer, cider, and liquor. They know what they’re doing because they know what you, our client, need. They also know what you’ve known all along, that the equipment makes all the difference. We provide quality, so that you can provide quality. It’s as simple as that. 

Have questions about RMS equipment for your brewing or distilling needs? Give us a call today.

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